Forged Deeds in DC Home Theft Scheme

A 39-year-old man from South Carolina was sentenced Oct. 19  to 18 months in jail on a federal wire fraud charge stemming from a real estate scheme in which he and others used forged deeds and fake driver’s licenses to fraudulently transfer ownership of District of Columbia homes from the rightful owners. For HERE for

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Why you need title insurance

This recent Washington Post account shows exactly why title insurance is such a necessary part of any home purchase. This unfortunate home owner is trying to convey her house to her children, but an old mortgage holder from more than 30 years ago has shown up demanding payment! Find out what the homeowner’s options may

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Industry News

Advocacy Gives You the Opportunity to Be a Difference Maker

There is no greater feeling than knowing you have made a difference! Imagine hearing about a recently passed piece of legislation in the news and knowing you had a voice in influencing how the bill was written. That is how many title industry professionals felt the evening of Dec. 15, 2017, when the final version

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Remote in Location Only

More and more companies have employees that work remotely and technology has made it easier than ever to work from anywhere. Yet, teams still work better when they can easily collaborate and share ideas. The challenge is how to have both—employees that work remotely but still work closely with each other. The same values apply

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It’s Time to Overhaul Your Website

You meet someone at a networking event and they tell you that they work for XYZ Company. It’s a company you’ve never heard of. What’s the first thing you’re probably going to do when you walk away from the conversation? If you’re like most people, you’ll Google the company and see what they’re all about.

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