Forged Deeds in DC Home Theft Scheme

A 39-year-old man from South Carolina was sentenced Oct. 19  to 18 months in jail on a federal wire fraud charge stemming from a real estate scheme in which he and others used forged deeds and fake driver’s licenses to fraudulently transfer ownership of District of Columbia homes from the rightful owners. For HERE for

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Why you need title insurance

This recent Washington Post account shows exactly why title insurance is such a necessary part of any home purchase. This unfortunate home owner is trying to convey her house to her children, but an old mortgage holder from more than 30 years ago has shown up demanding payment! Find out what the homeowner’s options may

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Managing By Metrics: How To Measure Your Success

By Andrew Acker There’s a classic quote that business leaders and managers love to throw around (and spoiler alert, I’m about too as well). It comes from Peter Drucker, one of the original management gurus. He classically states that “what gets measured gets managed.”  Before you roll your eyes and cringe from hearing this quote again,

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The Ultimate Signer Experience: How Tech is Driving Change for Title Agencies

By Michael Chodos Title agents have always been at the forefront of the mortgage experience: they are trusted guides to usher signers through one of the most important decisions of their lives. With so much riding on the home buying and seller process, it’s up to the title agent to ensure that the consumer’s experience

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Let’s Talk Robots – How Will the Forces of Creative Destruction Impact the Title Industry?

By Mark Fleming and Paul Stine We’ve all heard that artificial intelligence (AI), robots and automation will soon replace our jobs and many people feel real angst because of the perceived threat to their livelihoods. Yet, automation angst is not new.  The term luddite, one who is resistant to technological change, exists because Ned Ludd

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Mergers & Acquisitions: Better Together

Have you ever felt the urge to sell your title agency, but you don’t know what it’s worth or where to start? Or are you on the flip side and curious about expanding by buying a title agency? From an agency seller’s perspective, let’s face it, it’s been one heck of a five-year run in

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