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NEW ROD WEBSITE -- Status of Search Functionalities

March 06, 2014 3:03 PM | Anonymous


Below are the time frame responses we received from the vendor.  ROD will continue to work closely with both the title industry and the vendor to achieve all the necessary improvements to the website. 

 COMPLETED/NEAR COMPLETION -  Completed already or in the coming week

  • ·         Allowing users to sort by Roll/Frame – scheduled for the end of this month..
  • ·         Ability to search for multiple, non-consecutive, lots at one time - scheduled for the end of this month.
  • ·         Remove excess names from the search result page – Completed
  • ·         Improving readability of Print results and of the document itself.  The text of copies is small and hard to read. – scheduled for the end of this month
  • ·         Make Square and Lot the default search criteria instead of Name – Completed, for the external site
  • ·         Increase speed of search and printing.  The system is very slow in generating results and printing - Seems to have been completed. Propertyinfo is continuing to work on optimizing the results, but is not noticing any significant delays at this time. Keep in mind, that if there is a significant amount of users using the website at one time, that load will cause the search to work slower.
  • ·         Easy way for the user to get an email of receipt at the time of recording email themselves the receipt – Completed. All users (other than Guest users) have the ability to email the document to themselves instead of printing or downloading. If they choose this option, they will get a receipt emailed to them at this time as well
  • ·         Ability to email a purchased document without saving it first page – Completed


SLATED FOR FUTURE DEVELOPMENT – Each of these items should be completed within the next two release cycles (End of March or Summer)

  • ·         Allowing users to sort by Book Type  – Should be added by Summer Release
  • ·         Adding comment to payment area to denote client number/billing to show on receipt –Looking to get added by Summer release.



  • ·         Allowing users to sort Square/Lot – It is added to request list for possible release in the summer.
  • ·         Advanced sort functionality allowing sorting up to 3 variables at a time – It is added to request list for possible release in the summer.
  • ·         Add ability to go directly to Print History for printing documents previously purchased on CountyFusion – It is added to request list for possible release in the summer.


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