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NEW ROD Website - Search Functionalities from Ida Williams, Recorder of Deeds

February 28, 2014 11:26 AM | Anonymous

Below is what I hope to be an almost inclusive list of improvements to the website that was sent to the developers today.  I will keep you updates as to the status of requested improvements.

  • Allowing users to Square/Lot, Book,  Roll/Frame (completed for upcoming release) sortable search fields
  • Ability to search for multiple, non-consecutive, lots at one time
  •  Advanced sort functionality allowing sorting up to 3 variables at a time
  •  Add ability to search by consecutive document range on external website  or non-sequential documents simultaneously;
  • Remove excess names from the search result page
  • Improving readability of Print results and of the document itself.  The text of copies is small and hard to read.
  • Make Square and Lot the default search criteria instead of Name;
  • Increase speed of search and printing.  The system is very slow in generating results and printing;
  • Adding comment to payment area to denote client number/billing to show on receipt
  • Easy way for the user to get an email of receipt at the time of recording email themselves the receipt

·        Right now the receipt pops up, but disappears immediately in the print queue process so I’m generally not able to retrieve it.

·        Allow credit card charge fields to accept special characters;

  •  Ability to email a purchased document without saving it first;
  • Add ability to go directly to Print History for printing documents previously purchased on Countyfusion;

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