Why you need title insurance

This recent Washington Post account shows exactly why title insurance is such a necessary part of any home purchase. This unfortunate home owner is trying to convey her house to her children, but an old mortgage holder from more than 30 years ago has shown up demanding payment! Find out what the homeowner’s options may

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DC Publishes 2019 Price/Income Limits for First-Time Homebuyers

Updated purchase price and income limits for First-Time Homebuyers for the Tax Year 2019 (effective October 1, 2018) were pushed on p. 9852 of the DC Register on September 21. For Tax Year 2019, the purchase price for an eligible property shall not exceed $632,500.00, and the maximum household income with respect to persons living

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Industry News

ALTA Welcomes 2018-19 Board of Governors and Exec Committees

  We decided to have a little fun since we were in Los Angeles for the installation of ALTA’s 2018-19 Board of Governors. Check out who was nominated best actress and best foreign language film, as well as several other “awards.” Source: ALTA Blog

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ALTA Announces Title Webby Winners

ALTA announced the winners of the Title Webbies, an awards program recognizing member companies that have created or redesigned the best title industry consumer-facing website or page within the past year. The two Title Webbies were presented during ALTA ONE, the largest annual event for the land title insurance industry, currently being held Oct. 9-12

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Managing By Metrics: How To Measure Your Success

By Andrew Acker There’s a classic quote that business leaders and managers love to throw around (and spoiler alert, I’m about too as well). It comes from Peter Drucker, one of the original management gurus. He classically states that “what gets measured gets managed.”  Before you roll your eyes and cringe from hearing this quote again,

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The Ultimate Signer Experience: How Tech is Driving Change for Title Agencies

By Michael Chodos Title agents have always been at the forefront of the mortgage experience: they are trusted guides to usher signers through one of the most important decisions of their lives. With so much riding on the home buying and seller process, it’s up to the title agent to ensure that the consumer’s experience

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