ROD Announcement: First-Time Homebuyers

Please see the attached announcement from the Office of Tax and Revenue relating to the reduction in recording taxes for first-time homebuyers in D.C. OTR Tax Notice 2017-2: Reduced Recordation Tax Rate for First Time Homebuyers Recently enacted legislation will lower the recordation tax rate payable on residential properties (including cooperative units) acquired by first-time

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ROD Announcement: Easements on FP7s

Ida Williams, the Recorder of Deeds for the District of Columbia, has alerted the DCLTA Board of Directors of a recent change in policy regarding easements and the FP7 (Real Property Recordation and Transfer Tax Form). We have been asked to share the following communication with DCLTA’s membership: ROD is revising its FP7 form to

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Industry News

Embracing Technology to Market Your Business Differently

By Nancy Pratt The nature of our industry makes differentiating yourself from your competitors difficult. In reality, we all offer the same product: title insurance and customer service. But just like how Apple can release a new iPhone with new features and capabilities to better serve their customers, your business can also embrace technology to

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Make Your Realtor and Lender Look Good

By Linda Grahovec We talk about customer support all the time.   “We have the BEST Service”, “We have the BEST Support Staff” But what does that really mean, what does this service look like, and what exactly are you doing to support your customers?   Our customers come from several different market segments and

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ALTA Welcomes New Members

ALTA is pleased to announce new and associate members, as well as real estate attorneys, who have recently joined ALTA. Check out the entire list of new members. Not a member? Click here to join today. You can also check out this video to learn how ALTA membership can take your business to new summits.

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Don’t Spend a Dollar Marketing Until You Do These 3 Things

Today, there’s a lot of pressure put on title companies to begin marketing online.  I’m sure the most common thing you hear about is the necessity of being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless other social media platforms. However, for most title companies, I firmly believe this is not the right advice for two reasons:

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