Why you need title insurance

This recent Washington Post account shows exactly why title insurance is such a necessary part of any home purchase. This unfortunate home owner is trying to convey her house to her children, but an old mortgage holder from more than 30 years ago has shown up demanding payment! Find out what the homeowner’s options may

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DC Publishes 2019 Price/Income Limits for First-Time Homebuyers

Updated purchase price and income limits for First-Time Homebuyers for the Tax Year 2019 (effective October 1, 2018) were pushed on p. 9852 of the DC Register on September 21. For Tax Year 2019, the purchase price for an eligible property shall not exceed $632,500.00, and the maximum household income with respect to persons living

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Industry News

Win a VIP Capitol Hill Experience

Want to win a trip to Washington, D.C., for a VIP Capitol Hill experience? All you must do is take our Congressional Liaisons survey and start reporting your activity with members of Congress. The top three Congressional Liaisons will win a free trip—including airfare and hotel—to the nation’s capital. Winners will be based on reported

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Working In … Or On?

“Working hard, or hardly working?” Who hasn’t groaned when a coworker greets you with that dusty old joke? Well, I’ve got a fresh take on that line: “Working IN…or working ON?” And if that sounds a little strange, let me explain. During the typical work day, you’re doing all of the things you’re normally called

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How Do You HOP? Pilgrim Title Finds Success

When Dena Davis joined Pilgrim Title in 2017, the Rhode Island-based title company didn’t have a social media presence. As marketing & business development director, Davis’ main role was to quickly ramp up efforts with the goal of creating a social media footprint and promoting the company’s brand. She turned to ALTA’s Homeowner Outreach Program

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Need Resources to Give Presentations to Real Estate Agents, Consumers?

Through ALTA’s Homeowner Outreach Program, members can access PowerPoint presentations that can be customized and used in the marketing and sales process with homeowners and real estate agents. Make sure to check out the “notes” section of each presentation for education tips, content and more. Homebuyer Checklist PowerPoint [PowerPoint] Why Every Homeowner Needs Title Insurance PowerPoint [PowerPoint]

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