New ROD Forms Effective 10/16/17 (including new FP7!)

The Recorder of Deeds has now posted the most current Application for First-Time Homebuyers (ROD 11) and OTR’s Notice regarding it (OTR Tax Notice 2017-07) on its website.

We urge DCLTA members to download the necessary forms from ROD’s website in order to have the most updated versions in your systems.

For settlements conducted from October 16, 2017 onward, ROD will only accept:

  • the new Reduced Recordation Tax Rate for First-Time District Homebuyers Application (ROD 11);
  • the revised FP 7/C (ROD 1) with line in Part I for the reduced recordation tax rate; and
  • the revised Transfer of Economic Interest Tax Return Form for Cooperatives (ROD 35) with lines for the two additional reduced tax rates.