DC Publishes 2019 Price/Income Limits for First-Time Homebuyers

Updated purchase price and income limits for First-Time Homebuyers for the Tax Year 2019 (effective October 1, 2018) were pushed on p. 9852 of the DC Register on September 21.

For Tax Year 2019, the purchase price for an eligible property shall not exceed $632,500.00, and the maximum household income with respect to persons living in the household shall be the following:


Maximum Eligible Household Income

by Number of Persons in Household

for Tax Year 2019

Persons in Household Household Income Limit
1 $147,780
2 $168,840
3 $189,900
4 $210,960
5 $227,880
6 $244,800
7 $261,720
8 $278,640


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