The District of Columbia Land Title Association (DCLTA) has served our community since 1964.

Our mission is to help our members improve their professional skills and knowledge in a rapidly evolving marketplace; to effectively advocate member concerns; and to raise awareness and understanding of – and respect for – the real estate transaction profession and the many services and benefits it delivers to the DC community.

DCLTA Board Members & Officers 2020-2021

      • Amy Klein
      • Ben Soto
        Vice President
      • Scott Sweitzer
      • Brian Thompson
      • Michael O’Neal
        Past President

Board Members at Large:

  • Betsy Russo
  • Chris Darby
  • Evelyn Miller
  • Jeff Thompson
  • Kevin Anderson
  • Michael Segal

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DCLTA History

In the early stages of our history, DCLTA was run by and for the benefit of the title underwriters. The presidents, officers and most of the board members from 1964 until 1986 were employees of the underwriters based in DC.

The 1980s saw tremendous growth of the title agency business in the District of Columbia, and DCLTA has evolved with the times to best serve our growing and diverse membership. Our board and executive officers reflect this shift in business practices, and we are now a mix of underwriters, title agents, title attorneys, and service providers such as abstractors and land surveyors.

With the passing of DC’s Title Producer Act in 2011, the function and emphasis of DCLTA changed substantially. Education is now a necessity in order to obtain and keep a license to transact closings or negotiate and issue title policies in DC. We devote much of our time and resources to serving our members’ needs through seminars and other events that provide continuing education.

Our long-term goal is to become a central resource to the needs of our members and to provide our services seamlessly and online – to provide resources, news and expertise that is accessible 24/7. As our industry continues to evolve, you can count on DCLTA to help guide you through the many changes affecting the title industry and to provide you with the tools to thrive in any business environment.